About Kathi

     Hi, I am Kathi Abbott and I will give you one of the best massages you will ever receive. I graduated from the Desert Institute of the Healing Arts as a Licensed Massage Therapist in 1991 and have been massaging ever since.

     I became a massage therapist because massage had always helped me - from my mom's backrubs to soothe me to sleep as a baby, through professional treatments as an adult for injury healing, pain relief, and general unwinding. I love my work and take one or two workshops in my field every year. I also learn new techniques by receiving regular massage treatments from a variety of therapists. All this is in addition to my original 1000 hours of schooling including college level anatomy and physiology.

     I do a slow rhythmic massage which may include myofacial work, cross fiber friction, deep specific massage, effleurage, petrissage, friction, percussion, rocking, vibration, lymphatic massage, compression, trigger point therapy, positional release, hot stones, or dry brushing. My treatments include lots of passive stretching and instruction in stretching to practice daily. Stretching is one of the most effective ways to relieve muscle pain and to prevent injury.

     I have considerable knowledge of herbs and make my own pain relieving salves and infused oils with organic ingredients. I am also informally educated in nutrition and exercise.

     I see my profession as a calling . I believe we suffer in our modern world from a deficit of friendly touch. Thus massage can have an amazing soothing and healing effect. Regular massage will help you sleep better, be nicer, and just generally feel better, in addtion to all the documented helpful effects such as increased oxygen in the bloodstream, lowered blood pressure, release of muscle tension, spasm and pain, and overall loosening of the body and emotions.

     I practice yoga and I am an aerial dancer on the one point trapeze. I also swim, hike and ride my bicycle and dance at ground level. I am strong and fit and give an excellent massage of any pressure.