Types of Massage

Swedish Massage

is a combination of effleurage (long gliding strokes with oil or lotion), petrissage (a kneading of the muscles), tapotement (percussion), friction, vibration, stretching, and a range of motion techniques for joints. These techniques relieve pain of muscle spasm, overwork, poor posture, migraine, muscle fatigue, and arthritis.

Deep Tissue Massage

is just what it sounds like and also includes cross-fiber friction to break down restrictions in the soft tissue structures, such as the scar tissue associated with tendonitis. If you like deep pressure, this is for you.


is a Japanese modality involving the use of a smoldering bundle of medicinal herbs, contained in a wooden massage implement to provide a warm, relaxing treatment. This is applied to chosen acupuncture points to affect the energy flow through the meridians.

Hot Stone Massage

is a longer treatment which uses heated, oiled beach-smoothed stones. I place these under or on the body to deliver deep heat to certain areas. I will also use stones to massage the muscles. This provides a penetrating warmth to the affected muscles.

Chair Massage

I offer chair massage at one dollar per minute. For an additional fee, based on distance, I will come to your location. This can be especially useful in settings such as offices, care homes, break rooms, etc. Chair massage does not require removal of any clothing or jewelry. It is particularly suited to neck and shoulder masssage.