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Just a thank you for the wonderful 2 massages I had at the ranch this week. It was nice to have a talented massage therapist listen to my body and give it exactly what it needed. I have been a massage therapist for 18 years - around long enough to know not all massage is good. I was so worried that my neck was out and thought I’d have a problem all trip, but next morning the pain was all gone. Looking forward to being treated by you when you come back to the ranch. Thanks again.

Holly Gunther

I have been a C6-C7 quadriplegic since 1965. In the early 1990's, I began getting therapeutic massages from Kathi Abbott. Kathi truly does give a healing massage. She healed the ulnar tendonitis in my right arm using a cross-fiber friction technique that she had researched. Her knowledge of trigger points enabled her to relieve pain from muscles in my neck and shoulders. Since my physical condition poses many non-typical problems, she has had to be innovative in her approach. Additionally, she has an extensive knowledge of medicinal herbs and uses them for pain relief and relaxation during the massage. Her knowledge of anatomy allows her to isolate the muscle that requires attention. I give her my unqualified recommendation.

Dave Collazo

My massage with Kathi was a wonderful experience! I appreciated her quick email responses to set up our appointments as well as her flexibility to come to our home and set up her equipment. She was extremly professional and obivously experienced. Her massage was, perhaps, one of the best I have ever received. I felt rejuvinated, relaxed and revived upon our delightful one hour massage. I would highly recommend Kathi for massage on location. It was exactly what I had hoped it would be and more!!

Heidi Golden

Kathi has provided massage therapy services at our guest ranch for three winter seasons. She provides an excellent massage to guests of all ages, with a wide variety of needs. Many people who receive massages regularly at home say that a massage with Kathi is a first rate experience, on par or better than their favorite therapist at home.
I work with Kathi whenever my schedule allows and enthusiastically recommend her to our guests.

Mary Miller
Elkhorn Ranch southwest of Tucson

Kathi Abbott has literally kept me moving for the last 5 years. Without her tender ministrations I would just be miserable. She is a compassionate and kind person on top of being an awesome masseuse.

Rexanne Tucker

I was looking for a massage therapist over a year ago, and I discovered Kathi. Wow. Kathi really knows how to deliver a therapeutic but relaxing massage. I sit a lot at my job and I have pain in my hips. She really focuses on those areas and knows how to loosen my muscles and relieve the stiffness and discomfort. I would highly recommend her.

Anne Davis

I recently did a major tile laying job and working early in a cold building really did a toll on my lower back. Kathi worked on my lower back first for about a solid 15 minutes before she worked other muscles. I was feeling much better within the first half of the massage. I would recommend this therapist to anyone who feels they are in need of an actual healing massage.

Charles Emery

Just have to give a little praise for my massage therapist. Kathi Abbott is a brilliant massage therapist. She knows how to do the work of deep tissue massage. Check her out if you need a massage. She comes to you or you go to her.

Ruth Rickman